Equipment Rules

  • Only standard handlebars are permitted in the all races.
  •  Neutral service vehicles will be supplied by the organization and will follow the race. Riders are encouraged to bring their own spare wheels to be placed in the service vehicles before the start of the race. Wheels must be clearly marked with the rider’s number or with the rider’s team name if it is intended for use by any member of a particular team. Although efforts will be made to provide a rider’s own spare wheels in the event of a mishap, in the interests of servicing a rider quickly, service vehicles may supply wheels at random. The organization is not responsible for damage to wheels, even resulting from use by other riders.
  • Per Cycling Canada rule 1.3.031 N) At all times when participating in or preparing for an event held in Canada, all licensees who are mounted on a bicycle shall wear a securely fastened helmet that meets a recognized cycling standard for the specific discipline. Riders shall provide documented proof of this, such as a manufacturer’s label, upon request by event officials
  • The use of glass containers is strictly prohibited during the race.